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Real-Time Testing & Simulation
for the development of 

Aerospace and Defense System

Testing is the end of development.

REALTIMEWAVE has a lot of expertise and experience in developing Hardware In the Loop Simulation (HILS) and System Integration Laboratory (SIL) based on real-time simulation. It has specialized in supplying unit test and integrated test equipment for each component of the aviation and electronic system that requires strict real-time testing. We have carried out various strategic weapon system projects, including fixed-wing aircraft, rotary wing aircraft, unmanned aircraft flight control HILS, aviation electronics SIL, aircraft armed integrated test equipment, guided control HILS of guided weapons, satellite launcher SIL of satellite systems, and vehicle control HILS of tanks and unmanned vehicles. The safety and reliability of the product have been proven through the application of various strategic weapon system projects. RTNgine™ products launched in 2009 with pure own technology! It is REALTIMEWAVE's willingness and mission to contribute to the future defense and aviation industry with global excellence and excellent technology.

We provide high quality and cost effective services

It specializes in supplying hardware in the loop simulation (HILS), system integration laboratory (SIL), and unit and integrated test equipment for each component based on real-time simulation.

Based on the real-time
operating system


Embedded system

Various experiences
and skills

‣ Own our software optimized to establish system integration test environment

‣ Support End-User through human resources with superior software development and hardware design capabilities

‣ Outstanding technology skill for integration and various experience at system side


Company History (years)


Employees (2024)


World Wide Partner


SP Certificate (Level 2)

*SP : Software Process (SP level 2 = CMMI 3)​

Our Product

RTNgine, which is developed by Realtimewave’s technical skills, is a key product and a nation’s first testing & verification platform on defense avionics field. RTNgine has applied at a lot of project of aerospace and defense and proved its performance and reliability. Based on our diverse experience and technology, Realtimewave provides optimal solutions met customer needs and leads the localization of testing and verification equipment with active investment and technological innovation.

Find us by Application

Through continuous investment and constant research and development,

we open a new chapter in the field of real-time-based integrated testing

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