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Introduction of TECHWAY's New Products, a Global Partner of REALTIMEWAVE

TECHWAY New Products

Optical FMC (high-speed FPGA Mezzanine Card)

TigerFMC – SAMTEC FireFly™

High-speed optical communications have become the new standard of real-time data-intensive integrated systems. TECHWAY brings you a very compact and efficient solution with the TigerFMC optical FMC product range.

Taking advantage of the SAMTEC’s FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ optical modules, TigerFMC solutions offer an overall throughput up to 336 Gbps. FireFly™ is the first interconnect system that gives designers the flexibility of using micro footprint optical and copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system.

All the TigerFMC mezzanine cards can be easily integrated into existing systems such as VPX boards, or into brand-new architectures. Compliant with VITA 57.1 and VITA 57.4 standards, they fit all FMC and FMC+ carrier boards.

Available in commercial or industrial version, these optical FMC are compliant with both air and conduction cooled environments.

ARINC 818 switch


TECHWAY offers a wide range of ARINC 818 switch for ARINC 818 video switching in real-time. TECHWAY (France) & Great River Technology (USA) have joined forces to offer a wide range of ARINC 818 switch designed to simplify multi-destination and multi-source architectures.

The ARINC 818 switch are built on the FPGA technology associated with very high-density optical interfaces. All the switch ensure that video frames remain intact and void of corruption during switching.

SPIDER is compliant with ARINC 818 Supplement 2 and supports link rates up to 6,375 Gbps. These solutions are ICD independent. The link rate and virtualization configuration are set at the order.

These ARINC 818 switch are used on major aircraft equipment programs.

Customized video system and integration

Integration project

In addition to our COTS products (products on shelves), TECHWAY supplies engineering and integration services to offer customized video system. Our solutions can be easily adapted to your needs following your specification. Our goal is to match your exact needs.

The services offered are implemented by our highly specialized engineering team. Indeed, our engineers team is involved both in research activities and in customer projects. Our customers benefit from our products in-depth knowledge and our engineers expertise.

Our image and signal processing skills, combined with our expertise in digital electronics and programming, provide you with an answer perfectly adapted to your requirements. These services are reserved for projects implementing our products.

Please discover a part of our projects and products integration below.

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