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Power HIL

Power Hardware In the Loop


Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) is an extension of existing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HILS)

and consists of a combination of existing HILS and Power Amplifiers that can generate high power.

Strengths of Power HIL

· By adding Power Amplifier in HILS, it is possible to evaluate devices that will be connected to the actual system.

· Simulate the flow of high power between devices under test (DUT) as well as electrical circuits.

· Device performance according to parameter variation.

· Hardware performance verification for various characteristic situations.

· Verification of operation performance according to failure situation.

· High-precision simulation with greater flexibility and stability than general analog benz and dynamometers is possible.

Power HIL Application field
Grid Applications

· Grid Emulator (50, 60, 400 Hz)

· Grid Load

· PV - Inverter Em

· Wind-Generator Emulation

· Grid Inverter Emulation

Microgrid Applications

· Motor Applications

· Motor / Generator Emulator

· Drive Inverter Emulator

· Frequency Inverter Emulator

Aerospace / Military

· 400 Hz Supply Grid Emulator

· DC - Supply Emulation

· 400 Hz Aerospace Device Emulator

· AC - DC Coupllng Emulator

Automotive Applications

· Electrical Drive Train Emulation

  - Battery Emulator

  - Drive Inverter Emulator

  - Motor Emulator

· eVehicle Applications

  - eVehicle Charging Station Emulator

  - Test Bench for Charging


· Supply Grid Emulator

· Machine Emulator

· Inverter Emulator

· Electrical Drive-Train Emulation

Model validation &
parameter identifications
as required for HIL and SIL
Simulator Platform Comparison Chart
Software Description
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