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Systems Integration Laboratory

The Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) is an integrated ground test environment for the development of aviation
and electronic systems.

It is used as the most effective tool to verify the reliability of the functions and performance of all aviation and electronic systems.

It is the best solution to test while integrating actual equipment and LRU software models.

Hardware In the Loop Simulation

It provides the most efficient and optimized HILS solution

for highly rigorous, real-time based flight control system

ground integration testing.

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Power HIL(Hardware-in-the-Loop)

Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) is an extension of existing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HILS)
and consists of a combination of existing HILS and Power Amplifiers

that can generate high power.

・ EW system performance verification using field

RF environment emulation

・ EW system test using MRSE-5000

・ Small ELINT/ESM solution for ground, sea, and aviation UAV


OFP(Operational Flight Programs)

Operational Flight Programs (OFPs) refer to software programs

in aviation electronics embedded computer systems, and our

testing environment provides real-time support, realistic simulation

software, and full aviation electronic hardware testing, and

advanced technology system failure adaptability.


Automation test equipment for LRU function inspection

and depot maintenance

GNSS System Features

・ Provides precise and repeatable GNSS RF signals

that can be utilized for testing in a laboratory or field-type environment

・ Systems are capable of simulating either static or dynamic motion

for terrestrial, aquatic, airborne and space-based vehicles

・ Signal types supported: GPS, BeiDou , GLONASS, SBAS

・ Customizable solutions allow configurations of

GNSS signals to meet your requirements

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