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MachATE is a software Toolkit which user can generate and manage Test Scenario easily to inspect UUT(Unit Under Test)


MachATE is a key software to operate the TestNgine hardware and make test scenario in rapidly, do testing the UUT in easily.

Easy Test Scenario Development Environment by predefined commands and symbols.

High Reusability of Test Scenario.

Hard Real-time Supporting with VxWorks Realtime OS.

Extendable System Configuration using VME Standard Hardware.

Various Input and Output Interfaces and Devices Supporting.

User Friendly Software Suite and Toolkits.



Easy, Rapid Creation of Test Scenario

・ Various and Comfortable Commands and Symbols

  ⎻ Share Logic, IO, Condition, User Action, Etc.

・ MachATE Software Suite and Toolkits

  ⎻ ATStudio : Scenario Designer, Scenario Manager, Analysis, Reports on Windows OS

  ⎻ ATImage : Scenario Interpreter, Scenario Executer, IO Interface and Driver on VxWorks OS

・ Applicable Products

⎻ Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

⎻ Software Test Environment (STE)

⎻ Data acquisition system (DAQ)

⎻ Communication and interface testing

⎻ Static & Functional Testing

⎻ Process control & VME device control Testing

⎻ MIL-STD-1553/ARINC429 and data logging system

System Architecture
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