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About Us

Realtimewave Co.,Ltd is an experienced supplier of real-time software and test & simulation system for validation & verification application. We have key technologies and diverse experience in the development of Real-time Embedded Software and

Integrated test environment such as SIL(System Integration Laboratory), HILS(Hardware In the Loop Simulation) and

Automated test bench for Aerospace & defense industries.

We provide high quality and cost effective services

Based on the real-time
operating system

Embedded system

Software development

Various experiences
and skills


In order to localize the core software of HILS/SIL equipment, which relied on overseas, continued investment and R&D since its establishment in 2002, and as a result, RTNgine and TestNgine launched 100% of their brand products that guaranteed equal performance compared to overseas products, which opened a new chapter in Korea.

In other words, it has reduced a lot of expenses overseas, plays an important role in preventing the leakage of various major technical information overseas, and enables smooth technical support through domestic companies. RTNgine and TestNgine have been applied to more than 80 projects since their launch in 2009 and 2011 (2020), respectively, achieving more than 30 billion won in 2020. We are focusing more on developing a variety of products that can satisfy our customers' needs, including ICD management tools, shape management tools, test automation technology, advanced interface technology, and high-performance real-time simulation technology.

In addition, as a company with excellent technology skills in the real-time embedded field, we are constantly researching core technologies through the Embedded Technology Research Institute to continuously improve the original technology. By establishing a close cooperation system with major overseas parts suppliers, we are making our own investments to quickly cope with new requirements in the future through prior research on domestic propagation and new technologies of advanced overseas technologies.

We are making constant efforts not only to enter the domestic market but also the global market to export products with major overseas aircraft system companies, and we will do our best to become a stronger small and medium-sized company that can be on par with the global market.

Our Technologies

Key Technology


Firmware and application development technology on a real-time operating system.

BSP, Device Driver, Scheduler Firmware Development.

Monitoring input/output, task manager, real-time scheduler design

PowerPC Altivec signal processing, image processing

Application Development Technology


Duplex / Triple Software Practical Application

Fault Tolerant System

Real-time communication interface technology

   - AFDX, MIL-STD-1553/1760, ARINC429, CAN, AIDO, Graphics

   - MIL-1384B, ARINC818, Rocket IO, RFM, SCRAMNet, Firebre Channel, etc

   - Infrared image data processing system

- Real-time OS-based X-Window, OpenGL graphics applications

IMA software development based on VxWorks6

System Integration Technology


Real-time embedded system design and system integration technology

   - VME, CPCI, VPX or PC based

User interface Windows programming

Real-time flight test equipment interface design

   - Radar, Telemetry, GPS, etc

Simulation software and system design technology

Application Development Experience


Flight Control Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation

Avionics MC System Integration Laboratory

Mission Avionics integration Testing System

UAV FCC Engineering Test Station

Aircraft launch Missile(MIL-1760) Testing System

Data Acquisition Systems

Automotive Simulation and Testing



· Obtained SP(Software Process) Level 2 certification


· MUM(Man-Unmanned Teaming)-T Integration Test, Test Environment
· UAV System Integration Test Environment to develop for standard protocol technology
· UAV EOIR/SAR image/video simulation


· KF-21 TFC(Terrain Following Computer) SIL


· IFF Mode 5 Upgrade(for Aircraft) Integration Test
· Guidance Control HILS
· LCH Avionics SIL
· UCCR(Unmanned Compound Combat Rotorcraft) FLCC HILS


· KF-21 Electric Power Generator Test
· KF-21 FLCC ETS Realtime Simulator Computer
· KF-21 FLCC Processor Interface


· KF-21 Radar Interface OFP Development Environment
· Guidance Missile/Seeker HILS


· LAH Avionics and Armament SIL


· Next Generation CUAV(Corps Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) System Integration Test
· Next Generation CUAV FLCC STE/HILS, Avionics Mission Test
· MUAV(Medium altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) STE/SIL/HILS


· Satellite(KSLV Ⅱ) Launcher Avionics SIL
· Police Helicopter Avionics SIL


・ Opal-RT Technologies Real-Time Simulator Partnership Agreement in Electronic Power Systems


・ RTNgine 3.0 Release
・ TestNgine 2.0 Release (A self-developed ATE product.)
・ DSI International Inc. partnership.


・ '2012 IMA-based Next Generation Aviation Electronics Interface Technology Seminar' (Daejeon)
・ Avionics Interface Technologies, DAP Technology, ESD Electronics System Design, Great River
・ Partnerships with Avionics Interface Technologies, DAP Technology, ESD Electronics System Design, and Great River

  Technology to support the development of integrated aviation testing systems


RTNgine™2.0 Release
TestNgine 1.0 Release


・ ISO 9001: 2008 certification in the field of defense/aircraft simulation systems
・ CAST Navigation's GPS simulator sales and technical support


・ RTNgine™1.0 (Real Time Simulation & Testing Platform) Release of own products

・ Trademark Registration in America, China, India


・ Establishment of a real-time embedded technology research institute
・ WINDRIVER distributor agreement, education, technology support
・ Sales and technical support of AICAS RTJava products


・ Real Time Linux BSP, device driver software development and sales
・ Development of the main computer/input/output system for aircraft simulators
・ Development of real-time computing simulator for automobiles


・ Software Business Report

・ Development of an infrared image central simulation computer and sensor signal processing unit simulator


・ REALTIMEWAVE Co.,Ltd. was established

・ Specializing in the development of real-time operating system-based embedded systems in the defense aviation

  and automobile industries

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