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Test Automation

Test Automation tool supports requirement-based automated testing in real-time HIL simulation environment.

The tool executes test actions according to the test procedure for requirements verification.

Tests can be executed synchronously with simulation model, without model modification.

It provides an integrated testing environment through traceability between requirements and test procedures, and requirements coverage/statistics.


Test Automation is Key software for automation testing based on users requirement.

Provide convenience to establish integration testing environment through various testing platform which meets the purpose and environment of test.

Available to measure the coverage of system which is subject for inspection through the test which is based on user’s requirement.

Analyze system flaw easily through the function of report and statistics


Requirement definition and management

  ⁃ Define detailed attributes and measure requirements coverage (Priority/Verification method/Type)

  ⁃ Provides traceability between requirements and test procedures

・ Test procedure definition and management

  ⁃ Define test actions and expected results through the test procedure editor

  ⁃ Test procedure can be exported as Word file, Excel file


・ Test case definition and test procedure link

  ⁃ Input/output parameter with pass/fail condition setting

  ⁃ Support various actions necessary for determining pass/fail conditions (User input/Injection/Image/etc.)

  ⁃ Test cases linked to the test procedure and tracked

・ Test execution

  ⁃ Test procedures are automatically converted into test script(Python) and executed

  ⁃ Monitoring progress in real-time and save results in database


・ Report and analysis

  ⁃ Support for summary report of test results

  ⁃ Provides requirement coverage and statistics


・ Supports 3rd party testing platform

TA-Requirement Edit.png

Requirement Edit

TA-Test Case Edit.png

Test Case Edit

TA-TestProcedureand Run.png

Test Procedure and Run

System Architecture

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