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Flight Control HILS

Hardware In the Loop Simulation


It provides the most efficient and optimized HILS solution for highly rigorous, real-time based flight control system ground integration testing.

Tests with direct full equipment can be very expensive, inefficient, and potentially unsafe.

Hardware-in-the-loop-simulation (HILS) tests can be used to demonstrate control system design and test control software without direct physical execution on systems requiring very rigorous real-time performance.

We provide the most efficient and optimized HILS solution for ground integration testing of highly rigorous real-time flight control systems.


HILS is an equipment that performs integrated tests on the ground in an environment and method similar to the actual flight environment by linking flight control computers of aircraft (or guided weapons) with all flight control system equipment.

It includes flight control software tests including aircraft 6DOF algorithms, interface tests with flight control computers and flight control system equipment (actuators, navigation devices, etc.), function tests, and interlocking tests with other system equipment.

Aircraft (or guided weapons) flight control requires the highest level of reliability rating in stability and should take precedence over any requirement. A flight control error means flight failure, so a thorough verification of all flight control requirements is required, and flight control HILS equipment is essential to perform this.

For HILS, virtual model implementation and fault injection, convenient switching test between simulation model and actual equipment, abnormal mode detection, and various error analysis functions must be provided to enable test data to be performed in real time.

Building a HILS that requires high reliability requires a lot of development manpower, time, and accumulated experience. However, in order to build and test an effective HILS environment with a recent short development cycle of weapon systems, and small manpower it is necessary to utilize a proven simulation engine that can, guarantee complete real-time and well-integrated test solution.

REALTIMEWAVE's RTNgine provides an optimized solution for building a HILS environment.

It ensures data reliability under strong multi-core CPU and real-time OS environments, supports most of the interfaces required by the latest technology, and enables fast simulation in conjunction with a variety of model development environments. (Matlab/Simulink, C, Fortran, etc.) It also provides products with a variety of functions, from deriving test needs to managing large amounts of ICDs and accurate analysis and automation of test data.

Using REALTIMEWAVE's HILS solution means that you don't spend a lot of time building and setting up a HILS environment, but just focus on actual tests. This already has a very important factor in project success.

유도무기 / 탐색기

유도무기 가시광/적외선 영상 센서의 모의비행시험 수행을 위한
HILS 환경 구축


Development contents

유도탄 및 유도탄 구성품 실시간 모의 환경(RTCS) 구축

・ 모의 비행에 따른 적외선 영상 센서 생성 및 5축 비행모션 시뮬레이션(FMS) 환경 구축

・ 5축 FMS와 RTCS 통합 및 적외선 영상 시험 환경 통합

Work Scope

・ 유도탄 운동 및 표적운동 모의 실시간 인터페이스 모델 개발

・ 유도탄 구성품 모의 및 인터페이스 모델 개발

・ 시험 시나리오에 따라 진행되는 지상 및 공중 환경에서 센서 영상 실시간 합성

중고도 정찰 무인기 HILS

Establishment Test & Simulation Environment for System Integration Test of MUAV(Medium altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Development contents

Verification for requirement of FLCC(Flight Control Computer) including its system on HILS environment

Establishment FLCC system integration test environment as an equipment which supports interoperation with real LRU

Work Scope

Made ETS to inspect FLCC function
Simulated Interfaces of FLCC including 1553B
Provided IDE(Integrated Development Environment) to develop model

Simulation Platform

Guaranteed Real-time performance Fully Integrated Test Environment

A complete and optimized solution

It provides a complete
solution optimized for

HILS test requirements.

High quality,
Fast supply

High-quality products can be provided through systematic testing and products verified

with many applications and experiences can be supplied quickly.

Various test
analysis tools

You can experience

new technologies of the test through various analysis tools
that are accurate and

consider user convenience.

Automation test environment

The overall test process

from demand analysis
to test performance and

results and document
derivation is automated.

You can feel a new chapter.


Hardware for HIL


Software for HIL

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