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K-UAM 'OPPAV', REALTIMEWAVE Responsible for Stable Flight

Flight Check Anomaly-Free'...REALTIMEWAVE Responsible for Safe Flight

(Excerpt from Money Today article / Graphic by Joshua, Design Reporter)

(The excerpt is from a Money Today article on OPPAV practical aircraft integration check. Photo provided by REALTIMEWAVE)

REALTIMEWAVE is tasked with inspecting the hardware and software of OPPAV to ensure its safe flight. For the inspection, a device called HILS (Hardware-in-the-loop simulation) was utilized to construct a virtual environment for verifying the physical movements and data content of Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

On the hardware side, REALTIMEWAVE inspected the Flight Control Computer (FLCC), which corresponds to the 'brain' of the UAM. The FLCC adjusts the propeller angle and speed of the UAM based on information from external sensors. REALTIMEWAVE conducted inspections using HILS during ground tests conducted before OPPAV's test flight.

On the software side, REALTIMEWAVE verifies whether information from external sensors is properly connected to the FLCC. It checks whether the propeller's angle and speed are accurately reflected through the FLCC when actual external information is received.


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