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Data Storage

 Realtime Data Storage Server(RDSS) monitors and

stores data entered from

various monitoring devices in real-time.

 The data received from the monitoring device is

converted according to the engineering data format defined

in the ICD. (Interface Control Document)

 And it can be displayed through analysis windows

such as grid table or strip chart.


RDSS is core software which is able to monitor and analyze the real-time data.​

Monitor a lot of interface (1553B, ARINC 429, etc.) simultaneously(Max. 16)

Available to separate ICD with messages that correspond to the monitoring interface and display them as a tree format to check intuitively whether it is received or not.

Compare and analyze real-time incoming data with stored data easily



LRU(Line-Replaceable Unit) oriented message tree

  ⁃ By importing ICD(Interface Control Document) which is created by ICD Manager

  ⁃ By user created message from RDSS

Search records with multiple conditions

  ⁃ Provides time repositioning by selecting search result

Show as Engineering Data Format, as defined in the ICD, from Various Analysis Views

  ⁃ Grid / Strip Chart / XY Plot

  ⁃ Gauge(will be supported 2nd period of 2021)

  ⁃ Flight Path(Only UTM 52 Zone, will be extended world wide 3rd period of 2021)

Realtime packet monitoring and archiving(saving) from various interface up to 1KHz

  ⁃ Shows total received and error messages counter

  ⁃ Shows packet status(Green/Yellow/Red)

  ⁃ Provides RAW packet display window which shows HEX data, command word, status word, packet

    count, packet time

  ⁃ Saved data can be exported as MATLAB MAT file, EXCEL file or CSV file

Synchronize incoming data time from various interface

  ⁃ Displays messages from different interfaces on the

    same timeline, even each data times are different

Open saved dataset for analysis and multiple datasets

  simultaneously for comparing

  ⁃ Replay saved dataset for analysis (Play/Pause/Stop/

    Step Forward/Step Backward) 

  ⁃ Changeable play speed(1x, 2x, 4x, 8x)

  ⁃ Travel play position by moving slider control or entering

    specific time to the time control



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